Human Resources Consulting

Searching for employees - method matters!

We at B&P solely focus on the HealthCare and pharmaceutical sector. We are recognized in the industry as qualified partners and expert headhunters. We enjoy thinking out of the box.

Together, we will closely define the job profile and the skill sets required from our candidates. Thanks to our extensive business network and multitude of contacts, we are always able to source large quantities of suitable candidates.

Direct approaching

We are fully aware of the current employee-centered marketplace, making it necessary to directly approach suitable candidates, even if they are currently not searching for a new career opportunity. Due to demographic trends, only companies with extensive contacts will succeed in the search for top-performers. Simply advertising jobs will not yield success any longer.

We promise: We can reach out to absolutely everyone in the pharma-Industry!


Bielmeier & Partners has the most robust and copious business relations network in the pharma industry. We devote vast amounts of time and effort into growing and maintaining them.

Our main asset is the trust of our contacts we will gladly use that asset to assist you.

We are happy to give you a more detailed description of our network in a private conversation.

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