Bielmeier & Partners was founded in February of 2013 by Robert Bielmeier and has been considered the leading personnel consultant within thepharma industry since late 2015.

Focusing on the pharma market, maintaining an enthusiastic team and relentlessly striving to meet the expectations of our customers is the groundwork to our success.
You will greatly profit from our insights into the market as well as our business network: We know the sector, your competitors, the processes and the complexity of the industry. We understand you and are therefore capable of providing comprehensive coaching and support.

Some personal insights - Robert's biography

Robert Bielmeier:

After graduating as an industrial engineer, I decided to pursue my hobby as a career and, together with a partner, established a mountain bike shop in Munich. Three years later we had a phenomenal reputation, but were bankrupt anyway. From that I learned:

Lesson 1: Passion needs profitability!

1997: Slightly taken aback, I decided to pursue a career as controller for the mobile-networking company O2, becoming the manager of a subsidiary company three years later. In 2006, I could not bear the constant obligation to press costs and increase revenue any longer. I enjoy inspiring people, but refuse to do so for something I do not believe in.

Lesson 2: Employees should want to do what they are needed to do!

I hit the reset button in 2006 and decided to become a sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry. I was happier than I had ever been. The next seven years were well spent learning the basics of personnel placement, building a network of business relations and fighting for my beliefs. Last of which proved to be challenging as an employee, reminding me of Lesson 2 and encouraging me to establish Bielmeier & Partners in 2013. The best decision of my career.

Lesson 3: Only do things you are passionate about and trust your peers!

Live your dreams! In my spare time, I enjoy unleashing the creative forces inside of me by writing novels and short stories. Not a necessary, but an enjoyable part of my life.

Check out my work at www.robertbielmeier.de

Today, I am incredibly grateful for the jewel my team has created, in cooperation with you. Bielmeier & Partners helps us unite passion with success. I have arrived at my dream job and cannot wait to help our customers and applicants do exactly the same thing.

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