Company Values

Competent, fair and compassionate!

At B&P, we aspire to fully understand your requirements and challenges, therefore offering you an elegant, tailor-made solution.

Our method to success!

The foundation of our success roots in our intricate understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, combined with a copious, extremely broad network. Trust is our creed, reliability and transparency an axiomatic necessity. We consider ourselves to be advisors and problem solvers, for our customers and candidates alike

Our vision

We envision becoming the ultra-long-term partners of all applicants reaching out to us. As long as you are working in the pharma, we will be at your side.

We are very thankful for the tremendous success we have had in the last couple of years. Many of our contacts reach out solely to us to re-orientate their careers. Maintaining and validating this trust is our absolute top priority.

We take our promises seriously and work passionately. Sustaining the cooperation between our corporate clients and our applicants is vital to our shared success. We will continue to pursue that goal. We promise.

Ethics and Conduct

B&P closely adheres to an ethical code of conduct in all areas of operation designed to fulfill the company vision and foster our values. We guarantee to treat your application at the highest level of confidentiality, and to only forward it to potential employees with your consent.

To the top

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